About IOB

Welcome to IOB

On behalf of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology we are delighted to formally launch the new, open access journal—Integrative Organismal Biology (IOB).

We are dedicated to the review process as a tool for making science better. As an all digital journal we can run code in our articles – your code with your data – allowing the scientific community to see the fruits of your labor. We can also show anatomy in 3D through a partnership with SketchFab, which hosts fully rotatable and printable models of figures.

We will launch our initial content at the SICB meeting in Tampa, and there are some fabulous papers. We have fighting hummingbirds, turning turtles, and starving zebrafish.

For now , enjoy the editorial welcoming our new journal to SICB and organismal biology writ large. Go ahead…DOWNLOAD it…it is free, gratis, with no charge…open access.

by AP Summers and the IOB editorial team.